Getting Started

  • What is Vouchable?

    Vouchable is the best way for restaurants, pubs, bars, hotels and spas to sell gift vouchers online. Whether you are looking to start selling vouchers online or already have established revenues - Vouchable has a suitable, cost-effective pricing model to suit your needs.

  • What are the costs to integrate Vouchable?

    There are no setup fees - the only costs to integrate Vouchable are the monthly admin fee of £19.99+VAT per month and a 3% commission on each sale (gross voucher value).

  • How are gift voucher payments processed by Vouchable?

    Vouchable uses Stripe to process payments securely online, their standard fees are 1.4% commission + 20p on each transaction (for European cards). There are no setup fees, a Stripe account is compulsory to complete the Vouchable setup.

  • How do I receive the gift voucher sales revenue?

    Partners typically receive gift voucher sales revenue directly into their bank account from Stripe within 2-3 days of each transaction; Vouchable never receives or handles gift voucher revenue.

  • How do Vouchable charge/deduct their fees?

    Vouchable invoice partners monthly, on the first working day of each month, for any admin-fees, commissions and postal fees due from the preceding month.

  • How long will it take to setup my gift voucher shop?

    Once we have received all of the required setup information, we can usually have your gift voucher page setup, tested and live within 72 hours.

Integration & Technology

  • Will the gift voucher sales page look like my current website?

    Yes; Vouchable will create a bespoke gift voucher shop using your logos, corporate colours and branding. We will also create a customised, branded voucher template for email and physical vouchers. If prefered, partners can also supply their own gift vouchers and/or gift wallets - Vouchable will store any stock free of charge and handle all postal fulfilment.

  • Does Vouchable work on mobile/tablet devices?

    Yes; the Vouchable sales engine (customer facing) and management portal (back-end system) are fully responsive and work across all devices including mobile phones and tablets etc.

  • How secure is the system?

    We use Stripe to process payments, providing you with a fully secure, PCI-DSS compliant payment system. The Vouchable management portal is password protected and all gift voucher codes are unique. We advise partners to verify each voucher code before providing goods or services.

  • How do I integrate my gift vouchers shop into my website?

    Vouchable have simplified the integration process to make setup as quick and easy as possible. We can provide a unique .vouchable URL that you can pass on to your web developer; and they will be able to add a link from your website to the gift vouchers page. Alternatively the Vouchable gift voucher shop can sit directly on your website via a reverse proxy so your customers do not need to be redirected to a third party site to complete the transaction. We can provide full support and liaise with your web-developer during the installation process; please contact the Vouchable support team for more information re: integration.

  • Can Vouchable automatically add gift voucher customers’ contact details to my Mailchimp database?

    Yes; providing the customer opts-in to receive future marketing from your business. Partners can supply their API key and list ID.

Using Vouchable

  • Who maintains/manages the gift voucher shop?

    Vouchable is a self-managed solution for selling gift vouchers online. We provide full system training prior to the gift voucher shop going live and unlimited support for the duration of the partnership.

  • Can I have multiple logins to the Vouchable management portal?

    Yes; Vouchable offers the facility to create multiple logins with different levels of access. ‘Admins’ have full control but ‘Staff’ can only track and redeem voucher codes, issue complimentary vouchers or process vouchers for offline sales.

  • How are gift vouchers delivered to customers?

    All gift voucher fulfillment is handled by Vouchable. Customers can choose to have their gift voucher delivered via email (free of charge) or choose a physical voucher, beautifully packaged and sent by the Vouchable team for an additional fee (£4.95). Physical gift voucher orders received before 3pm Mon-Fri are sent out on the same day; orders received after 3pm or at weekends will be sent out on the next working day.

  • How many gift vouchers or packages can I sell on my Vouchable page?

    Strictly speaking there is no limit on how many vouchers or packages you can sell at any one time through Vouchable; although we recommend partners don’t overwhelm their customers by offering too many different gift voucher options. The Vouchable management portal allows partners to quickly and easily add/edit the monetary values, package and events that are on-sale within a few clicks.

  • Can I process internal gift voucher sales through Vouchable?

    Yes; we advise processing all offline gift voucher sales and complimentary vouchers through Vouchable. The Vouchable management portal offers the facility to generate offline sales as well as complimentary vouchers. This means all of your gift vouchers are verified and redeemed in one place and the unique voucher codes and reports etc are all consistent and centralised.

  • How do I redeem a gift voucher?

    When a customer presents their voucher, staff can enter the unique code displayed on the voucher into the search box on the Vouchable management portal and this will confirm the status of the voucher (active/redeemed/expired etc) and display details of the relevant voucher booking.

  • How long are gift vouchers valid for?

    Each Vouchable partner can decide how long their gift vouchers are valid for; we recommend a twelve month validation period.

  • What happens with unredeemed/expired gift vouchers?

    Because all gift voucher revenue is paid to partners at the time of purchase, its at your discretion how you choose to manage unredeemed or expired gift vouchers. Some partners do offer an extended grace period for expired gift vouchers, but the majority enforce strict expiry date deadlines. The Vouchable management portal does allow you to redeem expired vouchers, should you choose to offer this - otherwise these sales become pure profit to you.

  • Are gift vouchers non-refundable?

    The Consumer Contracts Regulations allow customers to receive a refund for up to 14 days after their gift voucher purchase, providing the voucher has not already been redeemed. Vouchable offers the facility for partners to cancel and refund gift vouchers via the management portal (administrator user rights are required).

  • Can I set unique terms and conditions for each gift voucher or package?

    Yes; partners can add specific terms to each voucher or package. All terms and conditions are visible at the point of sale and on the voucher itself.

Next Steps

At Vouchable we provide a service that we would expect ourselves. The Vouchable support team is on standby to answer any questions you may have and to provide you with any information you require. No long waits, no delayed email responses, just super-duper service.